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Manpuku VIP Membership Card

*Currently, Password reset function is not working well

due to unplanned system downtime.

*You can keep saving your credit and receive membership deal without registration.  No redeeming.

How it works

What are the benefits of joining the VIP membership?

Earn 5 points (5cents) for every dollar you spend. Show your card at the register and start earning points every time you visit us. 


Redeem points on your next purchase. As soon as you have 5 points or more, you can redeem your points to save money off your next purchase. It’s as simple as that!


Get invited to special VIP-Only events or promotions. 


Stay updated with us for the new menu or promotions with our newsletter.

How do I join the VIP Membership?
It’s free and easy to join!

Simply pick up a VIP card the next time you are in Manpuku and request one.

Then visit to complete your registration, check your email account to activate your registration and you’re part of the club!



How do I earn points?
For every dollar spent at Manpuku, VIP members earn 5 points. Your VIP card needs to be presented at  the casher when you make a payment for points to be earned.

You can view your points balance at any time by logging onto


How do I redeem points?
When you reach 5point or more points in your balance you can redeem your points in store at the register on your next payment. You need to ensure that you are registered online before you can redeem. 

100 points equals $1 off your next payment. Online redemption is not available.

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