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Manpuku VIP Membership Card

*Currently, Password reset function is not working well

due to unplanned system downtime.

*You can keep saving your credit and receive membership deal without registration.  No redeeming.




How do I join the VIP Club?
Simply by picking up a VIP Card in Manpuku store. Customers must then visit the VIP membership website to register their membership profile and provide a valid mailing address and email address at to activate their membership.



What is the cost to join the VIP Club?
There is no fee to join and no ongoing membership fee.



What are the benefits of joining the VIP membership?

  • Earning point every time you spend

  • VIP member discounts

  • Special VIP Club only events or promotions

  • Latest newsletter only for VIP members


The VIP membrship is a FREE program designed to reward our loyal customers for the payment they make at Manpuku with benefits such as;

Make Eating More Rewarding with the VIP Membership Card!



Can I use this card both in Chatswood and Kingsford Manpuku?

Yes, this program is available both in Chatswood and Kingsford store.



How do I earn points?
For every $1.00 spent, members will earn 5 Points. The VIP card must be presented at the time of payment in store and online for Points to be earned.



When do I receive my VIP Points?
Points automatically accumulate onto your VIP account as payments are made when the card is presented at the time of payment or are saved in your online account.



Can I exchange my points for cash?
No. Points are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Points have no monetary or cash value.



I am already a member and forgot to present my loyalty number at the time I made my purchase. Can I receive points later?
No, unfortunately the card must be presented at the time of purchase to accrue points.



When can I redeem my VIP Points?
Card holders must be registered in order to redeem points. Your VIP card must have a minimum balance of 5 Points in order for you to redeem.



Can my family or friends use my VIP Club membership so I'll earn extra points on their purchases?
No. VIP memberships are non-transferable and are only valid for use by the person whose name is given upon enrollment.



Do VIP Club Points expire?
VIP points do not expire on active accounts. If you wish your account to be deactivate please contact us.


How can I view my VIP Points or account detail online?
VIP card holders must be registered to be able to view Points balance online by visiting



Where can I find my VIP Club membership number?
Your 5-digit member ID can be found on the back of your membership card.



How do I update or change my membership profile?
To update your profile, log on to your account at It is important that these are kept up to date.



When I provide my email address, what will you use it for?
When you provide your e-mail address, we can provide member-only benefits, offers and our newsletter. Please note: From time to time it may be necessary to send you program updates even if you opt-out of promotional emails.



Will my personal information be shared with other companies?
Manpuku does not sell or provide your personal information to third parties. For more information, please read our complete Manpuku privacy policy.



What do I do if I lose my VIP Club card?
If you have lost your VIP Club card, please contact us.



What if I’ve forgotten my password?
Visit the website and click on the ‘lost password’ link at the sign in page. This will send an email that is linked to your VIP  account.



What happens if I don’t want to be a member anymore?
Your account can be deactivated by contacting us.



What limitations or restrictions are there for VIP club?
A complete listing of program rules is available in our Terms and Conditions.


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