- COVID 19 and Manpuku -

We Manpuku is fully aware of the impact of the coronavirus and diners' concerns/hesitation for dine-in during these unpredictable circumstances. One of the most important missions is to maintain a safe restaurant environment to protect our diners, employees, related suppliers thus community.

Let us introduce to you how we are responding to the current situation with our best.

- COVID 19 Measures in Kingsford -

Kingsford has reopened with the new trading hours.  Walk-in only, no reservation available.
Online order to pick up, delivery by Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Menulog available.
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- COVID 19 Measures in Chatswood -

Chatswood has reopened with the same trading hours. 

The booking system has introduced for crowd reduction management to ensure diners the safety, as one of the downsides before COVID was a queue and so up to 1-hour waiting time.


The booking system will be ceased as of 1st May 2021 as the COVID-19 situation and restriction have been eased.

Online order to pick up, delivery by Uber Eats is available.

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Tables for booking Counter table for wal

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Who is Manpuku?


We hope that our delicious noodles and our friendly atmosphere provide a lasting experience that brings a smile to everyone’s face. We wish that our positive atmosphere spread a pleasant influence to customers and also throughout our staffs, suppliers, and everyone involved in supporting us. With these feelings, we named our restaurant Manpuku, “Millions of Happiness/Luck”, to reflect our values.   





11:30am -3pm , 5pm-9pm(Mon-Fri)

11:30am - 9pm (Sat&Sun)

10% Surcharge on Sundays & Public Holidays

 Back from 5 Oct 2020, Labour day

482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford 2032

02 9662 1236

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Mon - Sun (7days)

10% Surcharge on Sundays & Public Holidays

Back from 5 Oct 2020, Labour day

226 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 2067

02 9411 1021

          Uber Eats Mon - Fri + Sun

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